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When is the right time to replace your office furniture?.

12th February 2019
When is the right time to replace your office furniture?

Our offices become second nature to us, we expect our furniture to last until retirement because, well, we never really think about it. Your office chair can literally become part of the furniture, but it’s always worth noting how well your trusty sidekick in seating is still living up to itsoriginal promise of comfort and productivity.

Baylor University studies show that the average life of an ergonomic office chair is probably around six years (there are exceptions of course). However, many external influences and settings can bring your furniture life expectancy down considerably. Is it time for you to have an office refresh?

Crying out for comfort

Most UK office workers (a whopping 81%) spend between four and nine hours each day sitting at their desks. While this statistic from Fellowes (2018) might not be too surprising, office workers spend time at desks, the details become alarming when comfort and productivity are brought into the mix. 64% of office workers claim that their office environment has a negative impact on their health – easily understandable when 45% of employers don’t offer the necessary tools and equipment to make them feel comfortable at their desks.

Actively listening to employees’ complaints and concerns when it comes to their seating arrangement is not only a boost for company loyalty but also productivity. 40% of workplace injuries come in the form of sprains and strains, these types of injuries take a long time to develop – meaning they also typically take a long time to treat too. Lengthy absences of employees result in a significant amount of lost productivity and in some cases compensation payments.

Mix and Match

It can be difficult to convey a professional appearance when your office is a mismatch of 90’s fabrics and laminated wood. Cohesive spaces don’t need to cost millions and boast sleek white lines – but they should be consistent. Stand up and take in your office space as if you were a visitor, anything looking out of place to you will look out of place to them.

New year, New you

The point of renovation and remodelling your office space is not only to improve employee morale and productivity but to make sure your professionalism shines through to everyone visiting your space. When it comes to making changes, style doesn’t need to be spared for comfort – there are many options for businesses wanting to maintain high ergonomic standards for their workers while creating an appealing working environment.

At Futurform, we have a vast range of ergonomic products and furniture ready and waiting to kit out your office. We’re also qualified to provide DSE assessments for your office – for more information, call us on 01373 455994 or emails us at

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