Printing Options.

From tote bags to mouse pads, baseball caps to backpacks, now you can transfer pretty much any design on pretty much any object.

Ever wondered how we print a logo on a cup, or add your brand message to clothing? Our specialised fleet of printers work in unique ways. See how they can help you get the best quality in the most cost-effective way.

Screen Printing.

Popular for clothes and fabrics, this process stretches a fine mesh to transfer spot colours to your material print.

Digital Printing.

Mixing tiny droplets of CMYK ink, this modern solution lets you print in full colour. And, because it doesn’t use plates, it’s perfect for short runs and projects requiring a swift turnaround.

Sublimation Printing.

Using heat and pressure, this technique goes beyond the surface to change the colour of the material itself. This leaves you with vivid, photorealistic designs that won’t wash out.

Transfer Printing.

When it comes to printing on curved surfaces, such as baseball caps, specialised transfer printers is the most economical solution.

Pad Printing.

This innovative 3D printing technique uses acid to etch designs on to specialised plates. This not only delivers exceptional detail on unusual forms, but can also be used with colour.

Laser Engraving.

Perfect for crystal clear logos that don’t peel off, this process uses oxidation instead of ink to add some colour to your branding.


Make a real impression by bringing a 3D element to your designs. This technique uses metal dies with heat and pressure to give your marketing texture.


By assigning colour threads to a digital image, now you can stitch your designs to fabric, giving you workwear and baggage that reflect the vibrancy of your brand.

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