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Promotional Products: How to Get Your Name Out There!.

26th February 2019
Promotional Products: How to Get Your Name Out There!

Promotional products put your brand in the hand of the person most likely to engage your business. They do this quite literally if the promotional product is a pen, mug, sports bottle or one of our many different options.

However, what many businesses don’t realise is just how powerful promotional products are. Research shows us some staggering data. 88% of people will remember an advertiser better if they were given a promotional product. 85% say that the promotional product itself prompted them to go in to business with the advertiser.

This means promotional products are exactly the B2B and customer marketing tool you need. Be there on their morning coffee mug when they are ready to make the call. Lure them from the mouse mat whilst they are sat at their desk. Be ready to save the day when their latest notebook is full. Choose wisely and these items become long-lasting ever-ready forms of advertising.

Still need reasons as to why you should use promotional products to entice customers?

1. Low cost and effective: a marketing dream

When you consider marketing, particularly in the B2B arena, you are usually faced with some difficult marketing conundrums. Typically you’ll need to toe a difficult line between cost and effectiveness.

Promotional products hit the sweet spot. This is because, as long as you get them in to the right hands, they are both low-cost and effective. Think about it. To run an advert in a publication or on a specialist platform will incur a high fee for short exposure. Get that same message on to office stationery, lanyards or pens and the exposure goes on and on.

If you’re new to using promotional products we highly recommend mugs or pens to quickly see just how effective they can be.

2. You build brand recognition

Marketing is all about taking the lead on your competitor. This means that you need to build brand awareness so that when you are needed, you’re first in mind.

To do this you need to effectively drip feed your brand in to the constant attention of your would-be customers or clients. Social media is one way to do this, but it relies on your target business or customer actively following you. Promotional products on the other hand are a freebie – people love them and in practical terms see your brand over and over, reaffirming the message.

3. Long term exposure

Adverts are like arrows – they hit hard but only once. This poses a problem for the B2B marketplace particularly, where you need to be seen at the moment your service is needed. The same is true with consumers – be in their hands when they need you and you’re also first in mind.

Promotional products keep up the exposure. We see this to be particularly effective for mouse mats and coasters, for example. You aren’t sending out a one-hit-wonder advert, but instead sitting there quietly, primed for when you are needed.

The recipient of a promotional product holds on to the gift you give them without them being turned off by a hard sell. We all love a freebie! When the magazine goes in the bin, your product stays in use.

4. More powerful than a business card

Ever stood at a trade show and handed out a business card just to watch as it gets dropped in the bin within 10 metres? Promotional products are a less disposable business card. They are viewed as a gift and therefore held on to, used, even becoming firm favourites.

When your competitor’s business card finds its way to the bin, yours is standing the test of time. Position your company name, logo and contact details and this is a business card which works.

5. Build loyalty

It’s amazing just how powerful gifts can be. Promotional products may be exceptional marketing, but they also demonstrate that you care about more than simply selling to your customers. It’s giving something which builds loyalty.

For this reason, it’s important to take care with choosing promotional products which are of high quality and truly represent your brand. B2B clients and customers will associate you with the quality of the item, so choose accordingly.

How to choose your promotional products

Choosing your promotional products couldn’t be simpler. We have a broad range of items available for you to choose from in our Promotional Products Catalogue. All can be printed with Futurform excellence and different techniques so that you can showcase your brand with professionalism and quality.

Make use of promotional products and put your brand in their hand.

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