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Productivity Is Your Greatest Asset Copy.

28th January 2019
Productivity Is Your Greatest Asset  Copy

Here’s Why It Starts at the Desk

Are you sat at your desk right now?

It’s no surprise that 2 hours of desk sitting puts you in a slump. Take a stand. Literally!

A 2018 report by workplace solutions provider Steelcase titled ‘Inside Innovation’ notes that 47% employees want better ergonomics. Your team are your workplace’s most valuable asset. Feeling unmotivated or in pain because of your surroundings or desk chair can lead to a higher rate of absenteeism, not to mention a downturn in team morale. It’s time to put a stop to this. Here’s why productivity starts at the desk – an exploration of ergonomics in the workplace and why it’s time to invest.

Let’s do the maths – introducing the Four Zone Approach

Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace environment to fit the user. In our DSE and ergonomic assessments, we look at the four key areas vulnerable to common ailments, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back/neck strain.

Without further ado, here’s a quick recap of the Four Zone approach:

Mesh Back Supports to prevent back tension

Back tension is the primary cause of work-related conditions, and is usually caused by periods of inactivity and poor posture. Accessories such as adjustable lumbar supports are designed to reduce pressure placed on the lower back by your usual , and when used in conjunction with a foot rest allows the user to sit back without encouraging poor posture. Alternatively, you can get all the features of separate accessories with dedicated seating – try our Eeso ergonomic operator chair with dedicated lumbar support, or our Oscar operator chair, designed to provide optimum comfort for intense working environments.

Avoid wrist pressure

Hand cramp and carpal tunnel are painful conditions caused by improper keyboard and mouse positioning. Computer use is causing 1 in 3 workers to experience sore wrists and arms in the workplace. Relieving wrist pressure to prevent this can be achieved through keyboard and wrist supports to help guide correct posture.

Relieve Neck Strain

If you’ve spent hours hunched over an important project, you’ll know neck strain very well. Improper screen positioning is a common cause, and this can be prevented with the use of monitor arms and risers to ensure screens are positioned to just below eye level and within an arm’s length away from your eyes. Monitor arms can also enable you to position your screen in line with your eyes, helping you work more comfortably.

Reduce Inactivity

Just two hours of sitting down can cancel out 20 minutes of exercise. Sit-Stand desks, such as our Rise family of desks, encourage staff to be active during the working day. You can also make sure employees are taking regular breaks away from the computer to move around and keeping away from the screen for short periods of time.

Investing in ergonomics for the workplace shows visitors and your team that you’ve invested in wellbeing. A third of employees have suffered from work related ailments such as back and neck problems – a shocking statistic. This equipment can help to make workers more engaged, productive, motivated and healthy in the office, so focusing on your team’s wellbeing is an integral part to running a business.

At Futurform, we have a vast range of ergonomic products and furniture ready and waiting to kit out your office. We’re also qualified to provide DSE assessments for your office – for more information, call us on 01373 455994 or emails us at

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