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Railway Carriage.


A customizable meeting booth for innovative spaces, perfect for fostering efficiency, creativity and a feel-good factor in your workspace.

An innovative and customizable meeting booth that reinvents the modern workspace with its unique design. The majority of meetings are informal, impromptu and held with under 4 people, meaning a meeting room becomes an expensive and sometimes formally disruptive overkill to a growing need. Our workspaces are increasingly becoming places to collaborate and socialise, so the need for meeting spaces is ever-growing. The Railway Carriage has been developed to meet this exact need. Acting both as an ideas hub for collaboration as well as a relaxed, focus space for concentration, this meeting booth is fully modular, available in over 300 million combinations with its varying styles, huge range of finishes options and accessories. All tech-enabled, the Railway Carriage includes optional features such as a booking system, Bluetooth speakers and integrated screens. Not only can this pod create an extension of your brand in the workspace with its customisable components, it is also relocatable and therefore adaptable to ever-changing workspace requirements. Attract top talent by creating an efficient, uniquely-designed space with the Railway Carriage.

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