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Olivetti d-Color MF309.


The d-Color MF309  boasts an intuitive user interface with a 10.1” touch screen. Physical keys are no longer present, although a traditional keypad is available as an option. The user operates tasks on the touch panel which has an innovative vibration feature for added touch sensitivity.

For improved efficiency and shorter response times, these models are provided with a generous 8 GB RAM memory and 256 GB SSD memory as standard.

Warm-up time is greatly reduced to as little as 13 seconds while scanning speeds of the new DF-714 Dual Scan feeder reach 100 ipm in simplex and 200 ipm in duplex.The life-time of drums and developer units has been extended considerably, contributing towards limiting the number of routine maintenance calls needed, resulting in the reduction of running costs.

Another interesting development is that these models are the first within the Olivetti range to feature an antivirus application (as an option), enabling jobs to be scanned in real-time to prevent potentially harmful virus attacks. Scanning of user mailboxes and SMB/system folders can be performed manually or automatically scheduled.

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