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Our guide to producing knock-out luxury print to be proud of..

16th November 2018
Our guide to producing knock-out luxury print to be proud of.

Here’s How to Produce Knock-Out Luxury Print

With all the noise of digital marketing, print is bigger and better than ever. Not only is it extremely cost effective, print also provides a killer first impression and conversation starter, lending instant tangible value to your products and services, and a vital point of differentiation for your brand.

So print is a great way of drawing interest to what you have to offer. To do this properly, you’ll need to create a considered, well executed design to showcase your products and services in a way which makes them shine. Sounds complicated? It’s actually very simple (especially if you choose us as your partner in print, but we’ll get to that later).

In this blog, we’ll talk you through the key stages of producing luxury print, from the initial concept right through to choosing your print medium.

First things first – have a clear aim for your project and stick to it

The beauty of print is its flexibility – from a single-sided postcard to a giant exhibition pop-up, you can showcase just about any event, service or product range in print, no matter how big or small. This also means it’s easy to get carried away with your options and lose sight of the key objective of your project.

The idea is to create quality, compelling content, and support your message with innovative and interesting design.

To make the most of print, you might consider drawing interest to your key high-end products and services, or creating a powerful prospecting tool to take out on the road. Having a clear idea of what you’d like to get out of your finished printed product – direct sales, enquiries, or brand awareness – will provide the guiding light for the steps that follow, and inform the choices you make further down the line.

The next step – consider your content

With the aims and objectives for your print in clear focus, it’s time to choose your content. That means design, layout, imagery, and wording – and it’s worth putting effort in here, as all these elements will support your luxury print.


Whether you’re sourcing your images from suppliers, partners, stock photography websites, or your own studio, making sure your imagery is top-notch will ensure you’re getting the best return on your investment.

If you’re not producing your own photography, it’s worth taking time to get images from as few sources as possible, as this will reduce the time spent correcting mismatched lighting, checking resolution, and editing the images to fit in with your overall design.

If you’re producing your own photography, it’s vital to squeeze every ounce of potential out of what you’re showcasing. Lighting, composition, and post-production are all factors you’ll need to consider, but you should also think about the key features and benefits of the products and services you’re showcasing. Drawing attention to these factors will do half the selling for you.


Layout is as much about investment in your products as it is about simply displaying them. Your audience will be able to feel the value of your service when they hold a luxury printed item in their hands, and they’ll see and appreciate the effort that has gone into producing it.

What’s more, a good layout can make or break a design. Just as you’d expect to scroll effortlessly through a piece of email marketing, a piece of luxury print should be just as satisfying to flick through.

Nowadays, there are so many ways to bring value to your printed creations. Elevate a unique design with clever folds that go beyond the traditional book-style layout to show off your more playful side. On the other hand, keeping your layout minimalist can be just as stunning to read, allowing your content to take centre stage.

The final stage – printing and finishing

Compelling content and great design are nothing without great finishing touches. Once you’ve perfected your design, layout, and content, it’s time to take your printed item to the next level with your paper stock and material choice.

Choose a medium that will elevate your design as well as your brand. Taking time to consider your stock, from silk coated to velvet laminated finishes will reflect in your finished product and also provide a crucial point of differentiation between you and the competition.

When it comes to print and design, we know how to make a vivid impression. We use state-of-the-art digital printers, litho presses, and superior finishing options to help you manage your complex print needs with ease.

So, whether you want to reignite your brand with logos and artwork, equip your sales team with essential business cards and brochures, or take the next step with vehicle livery, interior artwork and exhibition collateral, let us help you establish an identity that’s as recognisable as it is alluring.

If you want to showcase your business through luxury print, just give us a call on 01373 458501.

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