1000 years is how long it takes for a print cartridge to fully decompose in a landfill site

Help yourself and the environment

Toner Recycling.

Sustainable business is integral to the Futurform mission. That means keeping costs low and reducing our environmental footprint. With that in mind, we offer customers free recycling with our own brand and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) toners.

It’s estimated that 45 million empty cartridges go into UK landfill every year, with only 15% ever being recycled. It takes thousands of years for a cartridge to decompose, but we have a better alternative for your future. One that means you can manage your print needs and meet your CSR goals, too.


It’s called closed-loop. By working with partners to develop recyclable toners with exceptional quality, you can use and reuse each cartridge with print-perfect quality. Our eco-friendly recycling fleet will even pick up your toner waste at a time of your convenience to save you the hassle. Now you can save money, time and the environment.

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