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How workplace ergonomics can improve productivity.

23rd May 2018
How workplace ergonomics can improve productivity

5 Benefits of Ergonomics in the Workplace

A 2018 report by workplace solutions provider Steelcase titled ‘Inside Innovation’ notes that 47% employees want better ergonomics. Here’s why productivity starts at the desk – an exploration of ergonomics in the workplace and the impact they can have on staff wellbeing.

The Key Benefits of Ergonomics

Reduce Costs

Do you see your employees hunched over their desks? It’s time to prevent those aches and strains by implementing ergonomics into the workplace. Investing in this equipment can reduce injuries in the office. It is the legal requirement of the employer to provide employees with display screen equipment training and this can be enhanced with ergonomic products. If this training is not provided and employees have medical issues in the future from pain this could hit the company in terms of legalities and reputation. Investing in this equipment can save the company money in the future. Placing a keyboard and mouse closer to your body can help to reduce pain, adding a wrist rest will help with support and control.

Increase Productivity

If employees are feeling fatigued from pains, it is more than likely that productivity is consequentially decreasing. By designing a workstation that has wrist, foot and back rests to make the employee feel more comfortable, they can easily continue with their work without worrying about potential aches that could occur. Moving throughout the day can improve wellbeing. Using a fuly height adjustable sit-stand desk ensures that your staff are moving throughout the work day and keeping active. This leads to a happier work environment and creates a more efficient workstation with fewer motions and less posture issues.

Improve Quality

Are your employees sitting in a chair that is not adjusted correctly to their requirements? Has this resulted in back pain? If so, having something simple such as a foot rest under a desk for extra support can help with posture. Add a backrest to their chair to ensure they are sitting correctly and are ready to go. Frustration from poor ergonomics can mean that employees underperform in their job.

Amplify Employee Engagement

Monitor risers can help place computer screens at the correct position and therefore avoiding neck pains. Adding equipment such as this to a desk can improve employee health and avoids high rates of absenteeism. Investing in good ergonomics for your staff will let them feel valued, reduce fatigue and could improve motivation and involvement.

Create a Safer Environment

If a company has a good reputation for caring about health and safety in the workplace, people are more inclined to want to work for the company. Healthy employees are vital to an organisation as this will lead to high performance. Investing in ergonomics shows that health and safety is a core value to the company, which creates trust and loyalty within the office.

For advice on what ergonomics are best for your office get in touch with the Futurform team today.


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