Environment & Community.

Ethical business is integral to Futurform. We are constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint, refine our supply chain and deliver positive social impact. Not just for us, but for our all our stakeholders and the wider community, too.

Ensure you take advantage of our free toner recycling service. Available on all own brand and OEM toners, this modern solution closes the loop between manufacturing and recycling, meaning you can use and reuse your toners, reducing landfill time and again.


Our internal recycling efforts start at the run-of-the-mill cardboard and paper, to plastics and metals. Whilst running a modern fleet of vehicles we also operate a vehicle routing program ensuring we minimise our carbon footprint with low-mileage routes.

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Carbon Smart.

In reward for our continued sustainable efforts, we recently achieved Carbon Smart® Gold Certification.

Internal Recycling.

Sustainability is central to our business mission. That’s why we’ve developed our Somerset HQ into a sophisticated facility which can recycle and dispose of all kinds of waste.
As part of our eco-friendly culture, we separate all internal waste before transferring it to our recycling bins on the premises. These include onsite secure shredders which meet the strictest data protection standards. Over the course of the year, we save approximately 120 trees, 100 cubic metres of plastic, and 10 tonnes of cardboard!

We also work with local reclamation yards to ensure we recycle all metal where possible. But, our coup de grace: a state-of-the-art onsite furnace. This minimises emissions when burning excess waste. And, with channelled ducts, redirects heat into our warehouse, further minimising our carbon footprint.

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