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3 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Managed Print Service.

20th April 2018
3 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Managed Print Service

It’s 4:55pm and your deadline is at 5pm. The printer has decided to run out of ink and your back-up stock is gone. It’s an unnecessary frustration every office worker will recognise.

It all comes down to whether your organisation runs an efficient supply chain or not. Too often, multiple staff will waste their time rushing through orders for different products at the last minute. When stocks run low – or run out altogether – companies run the risk of expensive downtime and drops in productivity. If something breaks down, resources are easily squandered by sourcing, calling out and paying a technician to fix it.

Put simply, an inefficient supply chain can be a burden for business owners hoping to minimise expense and optimise productivity. Choosing an MPS (Managed Print Service) from Futurform will reduce the cost of running and maintaining your printer fleet. But with so many options on the market, how do you determine the right MPS for your business’ specific requirements?

In this blog, we’ll run through some key points to consider so you can minimise the stress, risk, and time spent trawling through the market to find your perfect fit.

Take a look at your needs before you start your search

An effective MPS is not one size fits all – each organisation has its own unique requirements, from the number of departments to fleet size. So, before you sit down to single out a supplier, it’s crucial that you assess your own needs so you can tailor them to prospective providers. Similarly, it is important that your MPS supplier understands your situation, and that they conduct in-depth research to grasp every detail of your supply chain, usage, and output. A dedicated provider will examine all the business procedures, your goals and visions, and work in close contact with you to design a bespoke solution that will meet your needs and maximise your productivity.

Is it a match?

When you choose an MPS provider, you’re entering into a partnership that is not only contractual but should also be based on common values. It’s important that you and your provider share experience and principles to ensure the success of the overall service. For example, if your core business ethos is to be as environmentally friendly as possible, you should choose a partner who is as dedicated as you in sourcing and implementing green resources and workflows. Similarly, if your business relies on remote working, your MPS should give you the freedom and flexibility to manage your information everywhere you go.

Get your business – and staff – ready

With an MPS, you can expect drastic reductions in stress and waste, as well as more optimised services and practises. Introducing ongoing management and maintenance of your technology and print outputs will allow you and your staff to work quicker and more efficiently. Your MPS provider will work silently and seamlessly in the background to ensure that performance stays at peak levels, carrying out constant cost control as well as remotely monitoring for any faults and low stock levels.

With all this in mind, how difficult is it to find a trustworthy provider that delivers real cost reductions with environmental impact, data protection, and productivity in mind?

MPS from Futurform is a flexible and reliable solution for businesses looking to reduce costs and improve profitability. By looking at what you use, how much it costs, and when it needs replacing, Futurform MPS can take the strain off staff and stop downtime in its tracks. Think of it like creating your own office ecosystem: we audit your technology, take note of key stock requirements and document output across your entire business in order to create a bespoke supply chain that works simply and seamlessly.

Get in touch with the Futurform team to discuss how our MPS service can save your business time and money with a free audit

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